"Trans Asia Construction" LLP
94 E.Kosherbayev Street
Kyzylorda, 120016
Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 (7242) 23 54 19
Fax: +7 (7242) 23 54 02
E-mail: tac@tac.kz

"Trans Asia Construction" LLP (till August-01, 2005 "Kumkolstroy" LLP) has started its operation in 1987 since commencement of development of Kumkol oilfield and its connection into transportation system of oil pipelines of the country.

The main direction of activity - construction of main and infield pipelines and gas lines, oilfields development, civil construction works.

Within the years of operation the company performed the works on experimental industrial and industrial development of the following oilfields Kumkol, Konys, Maybulak, Aryskum, Ashysai, Kyzylkia, Arys in Kyzylorda oblast, oilfield Komsomolskoye, Uzen Mangystau oblast., Laktybai oilfield in Aktobe oblast and others.

"Trans Asia Construction" LLP is participant of international projects of construction:

  • Asian gas line on the territory of Kazakhstan. 2 lines by 45km each Ø1067.
  • Oil pipeline Kenkiyak-Kumkol. 111km Ø32" (813mm).
  • Gas line Middle Asia-Center. 8.6km Ø500Ø1420mm.
  • Gas line Akshabulak-Kyzylorda - 61km Ø325mm.
  • Oil pipeline Atasu-Alashankou. 60km Ø32" (813mm) and others.

Also the company carries out of construction of waterlines, pipelines of formation pressure maintenance, heating lines, installation of technological pipelines and equipment. The diameter of installing pipelines from 15mm to 1420mm, wall thickness up to 36 mm with working pressure in pipelines up to 400 atm. In general scope of work the construction of line sections of pipelines and installation of related technological equipment is from 70 t? 90%.

The facilities constructed by "Trans Asia Construction" are currently operated by "Kazmunaigas" JSC, "KazTransGas" JSC, "OGCC KazStroyService" JSC, "Turgai Petroleum" JSC, "PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources" JSC, "CNPC - AiDan Munai" JSC, "Kommunai" JSC, "Tengiz-Shevroil" JSC, "KuatAmlonMunai" JV LLP and others. The scope of works being performed within five years has increased from 2,1 billion KZT in Y2004 up to 6,2 billion KZT in Y2009 (without VAT). The number of employees has increased from 538 people up to 780 people.

In the company effectively works the integrated system of management, compliant to requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001.

"Trans Asia Construction" LLP carries out construction works in different climate, geological, geographic conditions, stably providing of required quality. The construction works are being performed in the range of temperatures from -40? ? to +50? ?, often in remote locations, far away from human settlements. The company has the structure, which allows provision of prompt mobilization of construction machinery and related infrastructure to construction sites.

In "Trans Asia Construction" LLP work high qualified experienced specialists, most of them have work experience in the company more than ten years. The company constantly arranges trainings for them, for improvement of their qualification. The company renews the industrial technical base on regular basis, every year company purchases 10-20 new units of special machinery and vehicles of leading manufacturers of Japan, USA, Russia, Germany. Nowadays, Company has park with 269 units of machinery and vehicles, including of 3 sets for semiautomatic welding on pipe welding base and site.

"Trans Asia Construction" LLP - was the participant of competitions for "Altyn Sapa" award of President of Kazakhstan in 2008 and 2009. The company was awarded with - Golden Certificate of Quality, The sign of warship "The leader of national economy", Kazakhstan's construction award "Cristal pyramid", "The best tax payer of Kazakhstan -2007" and more other awards.

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May 2016-November 2017, UMG "Aktobe" branch of JSC "Intergas Central Asia", Aktobe oblast:.....»»»

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October 2015-march 2016, "KazTransOil" JSC, Shymkent city:.....»»»

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