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June 2017-december 2017, "Kolzhan" LLP, Kyzylorda oblast:

Construction of project #12-45 "Construction of West Tuzkol oilfield under pilot production,. 2nd stage. Expansion of GS-1 in West Tuzkol"

May 2016-November 2017, UMG "Aktobe" branch of JSC "Intergas Central Asia", Aktobe oblast:

Overhaul of the main gas pipeline "Bukhara-Ural" 905-1445 km 1-thread with the development of design estimates.

August 2016-december 2016, State Institution "Department of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of Kyzylorda oblast":

The construction of a gas lateral from the automated gas distribution station 2 to a glass factory in Kyzylorda, diametr 530, L = 14,7 km.

October 2015-march 2016, "KazTransOil" JSC, Shymkent city:

Carrying out of the section of the general Pavlodar-Shymkent oil pipeline bypassing Shymkent, diametr 820mm, L=14,3 km.

«OGCC KazStroyService» JSC, Aktobe oblast, start in august 2014, currently in construction:

General gas pipeline «Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent», section km211-km311, diametr 1067mm, L=95,435 km.

2013-2015, «OGCC KazStroyService» JSC, Zhambyl oblast:

General Asian gas line «Kazakhstan-China», line Ñ (third), section km448–km503, diametr 1219mm, L=55 km.

2013-2014, «OGCC KazStroyService» JSC, Kyzylorda oblast:

Construction of roads along the gas pipeline «Beyneu-Bozoi-Shymkent», L = 138,4 km.

2012-2013, «OGCC KazStroyService» JSC, Kyzylorda oblast:

General gas line «Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent»,
section km882,6–km954,85, L=72,25 km diametr 1067mm.

2013-2014, "Turgai-Petroleum" JSC, Kyzylorda oblast, Kumkol field:

Construction site pouring oil on UPN overall performance: Q50m3/day.
Construction of a high-pressure water pipeline from GRP43 to GRP43/1 from GRP pipes diametr 159x12mm, L=3.03 km

2012-2013, JSC «PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources»:

Kyzaylorda oblast, West Karabulak field - Construction of the oil and gas pipelines
diametr 4", L=15,5êì; diametr 8", L=25,1êì; diametr 10", L=11,3êì; Construction of the site Ñ01 - 1 unit; Ì-01 – 1 unit.

2013, "Turgai-Petroleum" JSC:

Replacement of pipelines of fire-fighting system on base of «Turgai-Petroleum» JSC of Kumkol field, from the polyethylene pipes SDR17: diametr 315mm, L=1.576 km, diametr 160mm, L=1.87 km, diametr 110mm, L=0.225 km.
Construction of the high-water line from the water injection station WIS-6 to water distribution manifold WDM-44 diametr 168x12mm fiberglass pipes, L = 3,54 km.

2013, «JV Kuatamlonmunay» LLP, Kyzaylorda oblast, Konys field:

CPF expansion, the Extension of Shop of Preparation and pumping of Oil on Konys field.

2012-2013, JSC «PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources».Kyzaylorda oblast, West Karabulak field.

Construction of the oil and gas pipelines
diametr 4", L=15,5êì; diametr 8", L=25,1êì; diametr 10", L=11,3êì;
Construction of the site Ñ01 - 1 unit; Ì-01 – 1 unit.

April-2013. «Trans Asia Construction» LLP has competed the construction and commissioned gas line Sarybulak-Maikapshagai.

Gas line will transport natural gas from Sarybulak oilfield (East Kazakhstan Oblast) through boarder post «Maikapchagai» RoK to the city Zimunai China. Project throughput capacity of gas line id 500 millions cubes a years. As priority the blue-sky fuel will be delivered for internal needs of Kazakhstan. As per estimation of specialists’ gas of Sarybulak – it is natural gas with methane gas content up to 97 %.

April-2013. «Trans Asia Construction» LLP Commenced to work on construction of section 448km-508km "Ñ" of main gas line Kazakhstan-China.

Commissioning of this section of gas line (string "Ñ" ) is planning to carry out on July-01, 2014, completion of gas line construction with commissioning of 8 compressor units is planning to complete to the end of second quarter of Y2016. Kazakhstan route of gas line goes through South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and Almaty oblasts to the village Khorgos, which is on the boarder of Kazakhstan and China.

March-7, 2013. On the occasion of International Women’s Day in Akorda carried out traditional meeting of The president Nursultan Nazarbayev with representatives of women society of Kazakhstan «Koktem shuagy».

On the celebration were invited women representatives of different professions, including the welder of 6-th grade of «TransAsia Construction» LLP 25years old Gaziza Ryskulova. Today she works on construction of gas line «Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent», welds steel pipe of 106mm diameter.

- I never felt sorry, about my choice of this profession says Gaziza Ryskulova. – I like it. I earn good. I think that each should do whatever is able to do. I’m very proud of my profession! My work brings benefit to country and humans!

July-19, 2012 the welders of «Trans Asia Construction» LLP have welded the first joint of gas line Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent. Company took for construction section 882,6km-954,85km - 72,25 km long.

Also scope of works included construction erection works crane block, cleaning device launching and receiving chambers.
The gas line will go through Mangistau, Aktobe, Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan oblasts and allow providing south regions with natural gas from oilfields located on the west of Kazakhstan.
Technical parameters of gas line: The length of gas line – 1475 km; Throughput capacity of gas line – on fist stage 5 billions m3 a year with further reaching up to 10 billions m3 a year; Project pressure in pipeline: 7,35 MPa – on the section «Beineu-Bozoi», 9,81 MPa on the section «Bozoi-Shymkent» ; Diameter of laying pipes – 1067 mm; Wall thickness – 11,9/15,9 mm.

April 26-27, 2012 Ministry of Labor and social protection of population of RoK in Astana carried out 2 nd Kazakhstan International conference on labor protection «ÊIOSH-2012», dated to the world day of «Labor protection».

Within the conference carried out annual competition between employers regarding safety and labor protection «Senim».
General Director of «TransAsia Construction» LLP Ataniyazov Suleimen has been awarded with the letter of gratitude of chairman of Committee on control and social protection Bisakayev S.G.

December 15, 2011 - 60th Anniversary of Ataniyazov Suleimen Koshniyazovich - General Director of "Trans Asia Construction"LLP. The employees congratulate Suleimen Koshniyazovic from the bottom of their hearts with this remarkable date and wish a good health, many years of creative life, success and happiness!!!

For effective work within many years and for tremendous contribution into development of construction industry in Kyzylorda oblast and in Kazakhstan and due to anniversary The association of constructors of Kazakhstan has awarded Ataniyazov Suleimen Koshniyazovich with the title «Honorable constructor of Kazakhstan».

December 15, 2011 In oblast musical drama theater after Nartai Bekezhanov was arranged ceremonial concert, which was devoted to 20th anniversary of independence of Republic of Kazakhstan.

The active contribution to development of new state have been done by Kyzylorda people. General Director Ataniyazov Suleimen Koshniyazovich has been awarded with medal «For distinguished work» and with anniversary medal «20 years of Independence of Kazakhstan ». Nurbetov Asylkhan first deputy of General director, was also awarded with the medal «20 years of Independence of Kazakhstan »

November 2011. On the project of International transit corridor «West Europe-West China».

ÒÎÎ «TransAsia Construction» LLP has performed all the works in time: preparation works and arrangement of road bed with 35m width and 16km length on the sections 1917-1947 and 1985-1995km upon the project of auto roads development South-West.

November 2011 "Trans Asia Construction"LLP has completed the construction works as per project # 983 ÀÎ «PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources».

«Electricity distribution networks 6kV with TP of first stage on South-East part of Kyzylkia o/f » with the length 28,4 km.

December 21 2010. «Trans Asia Construction» LLP among the best company in Kyzylorda oblast

gone in for the competition for the award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Altyn Sapa-2010».

June 23-24 2010 «Trans Asia Construction» LLP swing an audit for assessment of conformity of management system of occupational health and safety to conformance to the requirements ST RK 18001-2008/OHSAS 18001:2007

in construction of oil and gas industries, construction and assembly operations.

In January-2010 The company has finished the annual plan on construction of flowlines on contract territory of "Turgai Petroleum" JSC. Total were constructed 76,116km of pipelines from 77 wells.

"Turgai Petroleum" JSC from the date of its basement is strategic partner of "Trans Asia Construction" LLP.
"Turgai Petroleum" JSC is successful oil company, working on contract territory of Kumkol oilfiled.

On December-22,2009 in city center of culture after A.Tokmagambetov was carried out of action "Warm Heart".

In the action have participated the managers of oil companies, private businessmen, oblast and city management. The main purpose of the action - to make beneficent aid to orphaned children, handicaps, lonely citizens, needy families.
The akim of the oblast Bolatbek Kuandykov handed the thanking letter to general director of "Trans Asia Construction" LLP, Suleiman Ataniyazov for active participation in action.
The head of the region thanked everybody who took part in the action, highlighted those for whom the help to countrymen is not single timed: doing good, be merciful related to countrymen became a good tradition for them.

In December-2009, The academic Committee of Club of European Chancellors, The presidium of European Business Assembly (EBA, Great Britain) and Britain business alliance awarded "Trans Asia Construction" LLP

with one of the prestigious award -exclusive Britain award of Queen Victory - for showed honor, quality and admitted the company as "THE BEST COMPANY". Also the committee of experts of EBA awarded The general Director Ataniyazov S.K. with diploma "Best top manager of the year". The awarding was carried out in palace Pallavichi in Vienna.

In December-2009, "Trans Asia Construction" LLP has finished the works on construction of gas line Kazakhstan-China which is the part of pipeline system

"Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China". The total length of international pipeline is around 7 500km, 1308km out of them stretches through Kazakhstan. The route of this gas line goes through three administration oblasts South-Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and Almaty. On Dec-04, 2009 was finished filling in the gas line on the section 0-652,5. The construction of gas line was started in August-2008. The project duration of operation -30years. At present the first line of gas line was put into operation, completing the second line, compression station (KS-4) is in construction. The project belongs to "KazMunaiGas"JCS and Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC).

In November-2009 "Trans Asia Construction" LLP for the second time took part in competition for The Award of The president of Kazakhstan - "Altyn sapa-2009".

Since 2009 the competition is carried out on new model, which takes into consideration the tendencies of development of the modern management and harmonizes with European Award on quality and criteria correspond to The award of CIS for achievement in the sphere of quality. There is underlined the importance of indices define the role of the management, policy and strategy of the company in the sphere of quality, satisfaction of users by quality of products and services The application of new model allows more detailed evaluation of works on quality in the organizations.
The company received thanking note for active participation in competition.

In August-2009, within the scope of preparation to 190 years anniversary of Kyzylorda city,

"Trans Asia Construction" LLP in 3rd reinforced micro-district for its own cost has built play and sport area: mini football field, arbors, slides, swings and other equipment for the children of our city.

In July-2009 "Trans Asia Construction" LLP has finished construction of its section of pipeline "Kenkiyak-Kumkol" ahead of schedule, the pipeline soon is going to be tested with first oil.

The total length of the pipeline is 793km with pipe diameter 813mm. The flow capacity of pipeline on initial phase is 10 millions tons of oil a year and further enhancement up to 20 millions a year. Resources base of the pipeline is supposed to be the oil from Aktobe oblast and West Kazakhstan. The operator of this international pipeline is "Kazakhstan-China pipeline" LLP - joint venture "Kaz Trans Oil" JSC and China National corporation on exploration and development of oil and gas (CNODC).

In May-2009 "Trans Asia Construction" LLP has finished of construction of facility Booster pump station in Priozersk, oil and gas line to CPF on Arysskoye oilfield for "CNPC Ai-Dan Munai".

The works were done under turnkey basis: The Company has carried out of engineering, construction, purchasing and commissioning of the facility.

In November-2008 "Trans Asia Construction" LLP has started to take part in project of gal line Kazakhstan-China on the section of 464-509km in Zhambyl oblast.

The general contractor is "NGSJ KazStroyService" JSC. Two lines of gas pipeline Kazakhstan-China is the part of the project "Central Asia", which is special system for delivery of natural gas from production facilities from Turkmenistan, through Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to China.

In May-2008 "Trans Asia Construction" LLP has started the construction of its section in 111km oil pipeline "Kenkiyak-Kumkol".

The customer of pipeline was "Kazakhstan-China pipeline" LLP. The total length of the pipeline is 761km it stretches through Aktobe, Kyzylorda and Karaganda oblasts. The construction of the pipeline allows connecting of pipeline Kenkiya-Atyrau with pipeline Kumkol-Atasu, which will provide delivery of hydrocarbons from Aktobe and West-Kazakhstan region to the market of China.

On 27th of December 2008 year akim of Kyzylorda region B.Kuandikov has presented diploma «Enterpreneur of year” to S.Ataniyazov, to the general director of “Trans Asia Construction” LLP.

Laureates were defined by results of activity in various fields of a life. Also “The teacher of the year”, “The oil industry worker of year”, “The sportsmen of year” and others have been named.

On 19th – 20th of November, 2008 year in Astana was held republican competition for award of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For achievements in the filed of quality” and competition – exhibition “Altyn sapa”/”Gold quality”.

Among main purposes of competition is improvement of quality of domestic products/services, popularization of quality as success base and competitiveness. Kyzylorda region was represented by some small, medium and large-scale business enterprises. Amongst them is our company.

“Trans Asia Construction” has taken part in competition for award of President among 97 enterprises of country, successfully using in its activity the international quality standards. At present in company are introduced and bring necessary results the quality management system ISO 9001, ecological management system according to ISO 14001 and professional health and safety system according to OHSAS 18000. According to the results of competition “Trans Asia Construction” LLP. has received a citation from head of President administration A.Musin for active participation in competition.

On 14th of November, 2008 year in Astana Tax committee of Ministry of finance have awarded the best republic tax-payers at the year end of 2007. Diploma of the best tax-payer by Kyzylorda region was presented to “Trans Asia Construction” LLP.

This action is already carried out the ninth year and urged to improve the mutual relations of citizens with fiscal bodies, to stimulate the tax-payers, also to create positive conditions for development of domestic enterprises.

The choice was based on tax-payers appraisal rating system on their mutual relation with budget. Such indicators of financial and economic activities of tax-payers were used:

  • Completeness and timely payment of taxes, duties and other compulsory payments to budget,

  • Timeliness submission of tax statements and reports,

  • Level of tax burden,

  • Tax receipt rate

  • Absence of administrative violation of the law.

Deputy general director for finance Yelena Kym has noted: Honorary title “The best tax-payer” was awarded to “Trans Asia Construction” LLP. for timeliness and in full execution of tax obligations. It is the fair and well deserved appraisal of company financier’s labor.

On 12th of November, 2008 year “Trans Asia Construction” has started the works by construction of its section of Asian gas pipeline Kazakhstan – China.


For Kazakhstan it is the first export gas pipeline, which allows Kazakhstan gas to come out for foreign markets by-passing Russia. Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline construction project is the part of “Central Asia” gas pipeline construction project, representing specialized system for transportation of natural gas through three republics: from oil field in Turkmenia via Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to China.

Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline represents the system, which consists of two parallel pipelines with diameter 1067mm, total extension 1304.5kilometer. Kazakhstan gas pipeline part originates from uzbek-kazakhstan border and is stretched further on 650km on east on the territory of Kazakhstan and comes to the end on Kazakhstan-china border in region frontier post of Khorgos.

Project is realized for provision of diversification of ways of hydrocarbon transportation on international markets. Furthermore, Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline supposes gasification of Southern-Kazakhstan, Jambul, Alma-Aty and Kyzylorda regions. Completion of construction and commencement of gas supply is planned in June, 2010year. Initial carrying capacity will be 4,5mlrd cube per year.

To Ataniyazov Suleiman Koshniyazovich – general director of Trans Asia Construction LLP. was handed over the Medal “Patron of education”.

In June 20, 2008 year in Almaty for the first time in history of our young sovereign state have taken place ceremonial celebration of patrons in the field of education. 32 patrons from all regions of Kazakhstan were awarded with memorable medals and diplomas of the Ministry of education and science.
More than thirteen millions of dollars for the last ten years have sacrificed on development of Kazakhstan education the sponsors: directors of LLP, presidents of Joint Stock companies, corporations, Majilismen and heads of farms. The names of those, who disinterestedly help to build schools, kindergartens and sport grounds, to purchase modern educational equipments, train and treat children in best educational institutions and health-centers have filled the first pages of “Gold book of patrons of Kazakhstan”.

Trans Asia Construction was awarded with international quality certificate.

In 26th of March, 2008 year within the limits of the III International Quality Assembly Trans Asia Construction LLP. has been awarded by Gold Certificate of quality within the limits of program Global Quality Promotion. In the work of assembly have taken part about 100 companies from the CSI of various directions of activity. With the gold Certificate of quality was mentioned the companies, being more worthy participants of the international market and supporting principles of Quality declaration.

On 14 January 2008, Trans Asia Construction completed the construction of a heating line between main suppliers of thermal and electric power in Shymkent – cogeneration plants No. 3 and 1.

“Construction was completed in eight months – this is a very short period for a project of this size, considering that all quality standards were observed”, said Aleksandr Sokolov, deputy director of 3-Energoortalyk and manager of cogeneration plant No. 3.

The new heating pipeline from cogeneration plant No. 3 ensures that all citizens of Shymkent will be provided with thermal energy.

On 2 December 2007, Trans Asia Construction completed repairs on the Central Asia–Centre 4 pipeline in Mangistau region.

This 1,400-mm pipeline pumps gas from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to Russia, the Baltic States and Western Europe. The company dismantled outdated sections and replaced them with new pipes. This was the first time the company worked with pipes of this diameter – 1,400 mm. There were serious preparations involved: to fulfill the project the company purchased a 50-tonne pipelayer, centralizers and other equipment. Welders, fitters and the other workers of fitting crews received special training.

Trans Asia Construction was awarded the Crystal Pyramid, Kazakhstan’s first public award in the sphere of construction, as the best company specializing in industrial construction.

On 30 October 2007, the Big Concert Hall of the Kyrmangazy Conservatoire hosted the Crystal Pyramid ceremony. This public prize was initiated by the Kazakh Association of Constructors, and, the organizers say, is distinct from those awarded in other industries of Kazakhstan or other countries in that the winners of the Crystal Pyramid are the true frontrunners of the industry. The prize is set to find those who deserve public acknowledgement and trust for their reliability, stability and transparency.

The nominees were selected by an expert council, which included authorities on construction, representatives of the Industry and Trade Ministry, the Senate, leaders of professional unions and construction associations, and mass media.

On 10-12 September 2007, Trans Asia Construction conducted a corporate workshop: “Occupational Safety and Health Management System Compliant with ST RK 1348-2005 (OHSAS 18001: 2006)”.

The workshop was conducted by Sholpan Ismagulova, representative of the Western Branch of Kazakhstan Training and Consulting Centre. Earlier, top and division managers received training in the same subject in Dubai and Almaty. We plan to certify the new occupational safety and health management system in June 2008.

Independent certification of the occupational safety and health management system for compliance with OHSAS 18001 adds value to the company’s operations. It proves that the company takes responsibility for its employees, customers, the community and other stakeholders and guarantees that the company will do its best to reduce safety and health risks.

On 27 August 2007, a new 73.5-km oil pipeline to Kumkol was commissioned at the Konys field, Kyzylorda region, operated by Kuat Amlon Munay. This pipeline will pump oil from the company’s fields to the Atasu-Alashankou pipeline and further on into China.

The Konys-Kumkol pipeline was launched in summer 2007. Kuat Amlon Munay contracted Trans Asia Construction for these operations. The new facility will significantly improve environmental situation in the region. It is expected to pump up to 600,000 tonnes of oil a year.

Mukhtar Kul-Mukhammed, regional akim, congratulated oilmen and constructors with their new achievement. He made a special mention of the environmental component of the project. At the end of the ceremony, Suleyman Ataniyazov, general director of Trans Asia Construction, handed over a symbolic key to the pipeline to Alexandro Vilena-Lanzi, head/manager of Kuat Amlon Munay.

The second International Forum of Quality Managers – TQM 2007 – that was held in Almaty on 22-24 August 2007 introduced a brand-new event: the Best Quality Manager 2007 competition.

The final tour of the competition between quality managers, among whom was Asiya Temirbayeva, Trans Asia Construction’s deputy general director for quality, included four stages. The candidates were to speak about themselves and their company, answer the questions about ISO 9001, ask their own questions to competitors, and evaluate a situation presented by performers.

The international jury was chaired by Prof Azat Abdrakhmanov, president of the International Association for Quality Managers and Auditors and included Dr Tito Conti, president of the International Academy for Quality; Prof Jens Dahlgaard, member of the International Academy for Quality; Dr Noriaki Kano, chairman of the board of the Asian Network for Quality; Yuri Gusakov, president of the European Organization for Quality; and Anton Shalayev, deputy general director of TUV International Rus.

Asiya Temirbayeva won the honorary third place.

Again, Trans Asia Construction demonstrated a high level of quality at an international level.

On 19 June 2007, Trans Asia Construction launched the construction of a 1,000-mm heating pipeline from cogeneration plant No. 3 to pump station No. 1. The total length of the pipeline is 23 km.


The pipeline is being built above the surface on concrete poles with vertical and horizontal expansion loops.

The pipeline between cogeneration plants No. 3 and 1 is intended to secure heating for the whole town with only the help of cogeneration plant No. 3. Earlier, about 35% of consumers in Shymkent received heating from cogeneration plants No. 1 and 2. Their technical condition did not provide quality heating, which is why it was resolved to heat the respective parts of the town with the help of the powerful plant No. 3. The performance characteristics of the plant are also being improved. In 2008, the plant will increase its production of thermal energy by 45% and electric power by 54% (compared to 2006).

On 7 June 2007, Trans Asia Construction – one of the country’s leaders in the field of oil and gas construction – celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

On this occasion, the company prepared an extensive holiday program. A celebration was arranged at a restaurant in Kyzylorda and attended by representatives of the regional and municipal akimats and our customers, employees, partners and vendors.

About sixty employees were awarded certificates of merit. The company’s veterans Myrzazhigitov A., cutter, and Dilmakhanov M., welder, received certificates of merit from the Industry and Trade Ministry; Kurmankhozhayev A., fitter, and Dosmanov T., welder, were awarded certificates of merit from the regional akim; Yegizgarayev N., welder, Yeshnazarov Z., welder, and Ibrayev S., crane operator, received certificates from the akim of the town.

Special praise was given to the best workers and those veterans of the company who had contributed to its success. They received valuable presents.

The program included a concert from pop stars – the Yalla band, Altynay Zhorabayeva, the Turan band and others.

On 8 June 2007, the festivities continued at the Kumkol field, Kyzylorda region. Our employees took part in jubilee games in volleyball, football, chess, kazaksha kures (Kazakh wrestling) and arm-wrestling. The winners received cash prizes. A prize draw and a concert were organized for the participants and guests.

Such events are not only memorable – they are a good incentive for further achievements.

Congratulations, Trans Asia!

In October 25, 2006 General director of “Trans Asia Construction” LLP. Ataniyazov Suleiman was presented with reward “The future and construction”.

It is awarded by Swiss Federation of Builders in common with Innovation Projects Support Fund “EMA Invest” to the best businessmen in the field of construction.

In October 19-20, 2006 “Trans Asia Construction” LLP. was presented with reward Honour sign “Leaders of national economy” on Summit “Leaders of national economics” in Moscow.

Summit was held on the initiative of International Business Council (Russia) under the auspices of Federation Council of Federal Meeting of Russian Federation and Majilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In June 21-23, 2006 regular inspection audit to the requirements of MS ISO 9001:2000 was successfully held by the leading auditor of BM Trada Certification Valikhanova T.

Audit confirmed the efficiency of system, adherence and leadership of the top management concerning continuous quality improvement.Nonconformance during audit was not registered.

In June 5-9, 2006, in the main office in Kyzylorda 19 employees of company have taken the training according to “Fundamental Practice of Project Management in a company”.

Seminar was held by Golikov F.N. – member of St. Petersburg Project Management Institute SPB (PMI), trainer of PMP, MCP, under the auspices of Project Managers Union of RoK.

In April 5-6, 2006 in “Trans Asia Construction” was successfully held the certification audit of ecological management system for conformity to the international standards of ISO 14001.

Ecological management system was developed by the company staff at the head of deputy general director of quality Temirbaeva A.T. Expeditor-auditor of West Kazakhstan branch of “NacEx” JSC Mrs. Tyo M.G. marked the high training level, major and active involvement of company staff in introduction process of EMS.

In December 15, 2005 was held the solemn ceremony of commissioning of Kazakhstan-Chinese main pipeline Atasu-Alashankou.


?Trans Asia Construction? LLP. made its contribution in successful project completion, among the first who have finished the works by construction of pipeline site PK340-PK400. (Pipeline length is 962,2km, with its diameter ? 813mm, and planned transmission capacity ? 10mln.tones of oil per year).

The President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev personally started the oil pipeline from the main dispatcher control of ?KazTransOil? JSC in Astana.

Special diplomas from TCO and PFD.

In June year 2005 for high health and safety protection activities, high production standards during carrying out the works on project of the Second generation at Tengiz o/f “Kumkolstroy” OJSC was rewarded with the special diplomas from TCO and PFD.

Regular inspection audit was held on 3-4 of August, 2005 that acknowledged the conformity of International quality system of “Trans Asia Construction” LLP to the requirements of MS ISO 9001:2000.

Reviewing audit, the leading auditor of BM Trada Certification Tatyana Valikhanova noted: “Quality management system is introduced very well. I saw the best evidence of orientation to consumers and continuous improvement”.

By the results of audit none of inconformity was revealed.

We congratulate all colleagues of “Trans Asia Construction”!

“Kumkolstroy” announces about renaming.
From August 1, 2005 “Kumkolstroy” company is named “Trans Asia Construction”.

Decision about renaming company was on reasonable reaction; for the last few years the company has expanded, significantly enlarged its geography of execution of works and set the new strategic targets. The name was changed but not the essence of the company. Company keeps the same philosophy, values, traditions and potential, cumulative of 18 years of existing of company. Our main goal is effective long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with business clients and partners.

On 28 of September, 2004 President of “Kumkolstroy” OJSC Ataniyazov Suleiman took part in the ceremony of official opening of construction of Kazakhstani-China oil pipeline Atasu-Alashankou.

Company participates as a subcontractor in this project by laying of 60 km pipeline.
Total length of oil pipeline is 988 kilometers, diameter of pipe – 813 mm, carrying capacity – 10 million tons on the first stage, with further increase up to 20 million tons on the second stage of project realization.
Completion of oil pipeline construction is planned to the end of the year 2005, and putting into operation from 2006.

27-28 September , 2004. The regular inspection audit was held successfully in the company for conformance to ISO 9001:2000 International Standard requirements.

The audit was held by independent auditor of BM TRADA Certification S.S.Belbeliyan.

19-21 April 2004. Hanover, Germany. S.K. Ataniyazov, President of the company, participated in the “Kazakhstan: an Attractive Market for Investment and Commerce” Business Seminar.

The event formed part of a working visit by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to Germany. The Head of State expressed his hope that Kazakhstani businesses would find partners, consumers and suppliers in Germany, and that this would have a positive effect on the state of the Kazakh economy.

23-26 March 2004. 11 members of the company staff successfully completed a training course for Quality Management Systems Internal Auditors.

The seminar took place at company headquarters. It was led by T.A. Valikhanova, an Accredited QMS Lead Auditor registered with the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) and Chief Consultant of the SBQConsult Russian-British Consulting Company (Moscow).

8-12 March 2004. Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The Company Management attended an “ISO 9001:2000 – CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT” Seminar

KAIZEN: An Instrument for Continuous Improvement (the KAIZEN strategy for successful organizational changes), OHSAS 18001: Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Management.

The seminar was conducted by Svetlana Belbelyan - a Quality Management Systems (QMS) and OHSAS 18001 lead auditor, David Haldfield (Great Britain) - an HSAS Project Management Specialist and QMS auditor in the English (with Russian translation) and Russian languages.

16 February 2004. The company became a full member of the Kazakh Association for Quality.

The goal of the Association for Quality:
Active promotion and introduction of modern management systems, methods and standards, including the ISO 9000 quality control standards.

7 February 2004. Kumkolstroy OJSC was announced as the winner of the competition for the best control system in construction, named Entering the 21st Century with Overall Quality.

The competition was held by the Kazakh Association for Quality as a part of the Buy Kazakhstani goods! campaign. The competition is unique both in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries because its objective is not just the quality of individual commodities or services but overall business quality - the best control systems and the best Kazakhstani senior managers. The objectives of the competition are independent analysis of enterprises by experts and the promotion of high achievement by Kazakhstani manufacturers in the field of management.
The award ceremony was held on 7 February 2004 in the Abai Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Almaty.

From 18 to 21 January 2004, President Ataniyazov S.K. and First Vice-President Nurbetov took participation at the "Kazakhstan - Your trading and investment partner" business-forum.

The forum was conducted during the official visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. in the United Arabian Emirates. The result of participation was concluded agreements on collaboration with foreign partners.

From 13 to 16 January 2004, seminar on the topic "Development of the Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001:2000" was conducted.

Seminar was led by Valihanova T.A., Accredited Chief auditor of the Quality Management Systems, registered at the International Register of the Certified Auditors (IRCA), Senior consultant of SBQConsult, Russian-British consulting company, Moscow. 24 staff members of "Kumkolstroy" OJSC successfully passed the training and got the certificates.

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