"Trans Asia Construction" LLP
94 E.Kosherbayev Street
Kyzylorda, 120016
Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 (7242) 23 54 19
Fax: +7 (7242) 23 54 02

Company considers its personnel as a capital that is the subject for multiplying. Company invests to the increase of its staff' qualification due to the high requirements in such areas as:

  • Team-work,
  • Problem solving,
  • Implementing of relations,
  • Organization of improvements,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Production management.

Company has a very clear idea: training and increase of qualification is one of the most important factors of the quality enhancement and working process improvement:

  • Every worker of the "Trans Asia Construction" LLP is introduced to the basics of quality and safety.
  • Special educational programs and seminars, specifically intended for production divisions, departments, and individual workers.
  • Additional training teaches skills of a corporate and teamwork.
  • There is so-called "multi-functional" program in the all areas of a production process. Every member of staff can work on two or three specialties.

Total personnel for 01.07.2013 are 871 people.

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