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Reference list of "Trans Asia Construction" LLP for Y 2006-2011

Client/ Main contractor Title and brief description of projects Completion period
OGCC KazStroyService JSC Rout road of main gas pipeline Kazakhstan-China in Taraz city L=12,7km km464-652,4 April 2010 - July 2010
Construction of gas line Kazakhstan-China, km 464509 Ø1067o15,9mm, 1067o19,1mm, L=90km Commencement Nov-2008
First turn of second stage of construction of oil pipeline Kazakhstan-China. Section Kenkiyak-Kumkol, km370 km481,5 Ø32" (813mm), L=111,5km May-2008 Sept-2009
Construction of new sections of looping MG SATS-4 on LPU Opornaya and LPU Beineu Ø500Ø142mm, L=8,6km Jul-2006 - Dec-2007
Construction of long distance pipeline Kazakhstan-China, Atasu-Alashankou Ø32" (813mm), L=60km Mar-2005 May-2006
Construction of helicopter pads and roads along the pipeline Kenkiyak-Kumkol on the section km391,355-km481, L=89,55km Aug-2008 -Oct-2009
Gas pipeline from the Gas Processing Plant to Gas Turbine Power Plant O 27310mm L=10,34km March 2010 May 2010
Low pressure water line from the field support base to Gas Processing Plant in Contract area of JSC Turgai-Petroleum polyethylene pipe O110 SDR17, L=4,457km May 2010 November 2010
Booster Pipeline Pumping Station-45 and oil trunk pipeline from the Booster Pipeline Pumping Station-45 to axial trunk pipeline O219x8mm, L=0,665km May 2010 November 2010
Construction of high pressure water line from the Modular Group Pumping Station to Booster Pipeline Pumping Station-41, 42,43 O 273-325mm, L=12,34km November 2010 March 2011
Infield pipeline construction: oil and gas gathering networks Ø 89-325, pipelines of formation pressure maintenance Ø 89-325, L=374,68km Kumkol o/f including of fiberglass pipeline 3 4,344km Every year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Construction of booster compression station BKS on Kumkol o/f Sept-2008 May-2009
Construction of BKNS-2A on Contract territory of Turgai-Petrolium, Kumkol o/f Apr Dec-2007
Construction of booster pump station on East Kumkol Mar-Dec- 2007
Construction of oil pipeline Ø377o10mm CPF Turgai-petrolium-long distance pipeline EOI with branch to GNPS main line Kumkol-Zhosaly, L=14,5km, Kumkol o/f Jan-Dec 2006
PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC Construction of 8 gas collector made from PVC pipes Ø20022,4mm from the GU South-East part of Kyzylkiya o/f to Master Control Center of Gas Kyzylkiya L=28,04km September 2010 November 2010
Construction of fiber glass pipeline from the CPF to Modular Group Pumping Station-2 on Kumkol o/f Ø10 L=9,535km Opening September 2010
Replacement of separator on GU-12 and GU-18 on South Kumkol o/f December 2010 April 2011
Project #983 Electrical networks 6kV with TP of first stage at South East part of Kyzylkia o/f L=28,4 km May 2011 November 2011
Gas utilization on Kumkol o/f. Gas gathering system. Section #6, L=2 333m Dec- 2008 - May -2009
Construction of 4" pipeline from IPS in Maybulak o/f to Aryskum o/f, L=43ei Sept- 2007- Jun-2008
Gas utilization on Aryskum. Gas utilization on Kyzylkia. Gas line Kyzylkia-Aryskum Ø10'', L=27km. Nov-2006 - Nov-2007
Oil gathering system of Aryskum o/f. Construction of pipelines Ø3-12. L=31,2km. Jan-2005 Dec- 2006
KuatAmlonMunai JV LLP Construction of underground flowlines and collectors at Konys and Bektas o/f from3-8 L=37,5 km April 2011- December 2011
Construction of underground water injection lines and collectors at Konys and Bektas o/f from 2-6 L=47,14 km April 2011- December 2011
Oil pipeline Konys-Kumkol, Ø8", L=72km Konys o/f Jun-Dec 2006
Oil pumping station on pipeline Konys-Kumkol, 2 pcs. Jun-Dec 2006
Oil gathering system on Konys and Bektas o/fs Ø3"-12", L=78,16km 2006, 2007
Construction of new, maintenance of existing infield roads Konys and Bektas o/fs 2006, 2007
KazsevavtodorLLP Preparation works and arrangement of road bed with 35m width International transit corridor West Europe West China on sections 1917-1947km and 1885-1995km L= 16km March 2011 November 2011
Tarbagatai Munai LLP Construction of main gasline Sarybulak-Maikapshagai L=92,475km

Gas gathering system. Gas gathering collector of main facility and flowlines L=31,368 km
Commencement in July-2011
Construction management for Kyzylorda oblast Construction of hothouse school for 300 residents with the boarding school for 240 residents in Kyzylorda city March 2009 October 2010
PM Lucas Kazakhstan LLP Oil gathering system of Kosomolskoye o/f, 3-6, L=34km. May-2008 - Mar-2009
Construction of oil receiving terminal on Komsomolskoye o/f May-2008 - Mar-2009
Construction and carrying out of commissioning works on surface part of export pipeline from Komsomolskoye o/f to receiving terminal Karakuduk Munai, Ø168o5,6mm, L=67km Sept-2007 - Sept- 2008
CNPC Aidan Munai Booster pump station on Priozernoye o/f, Oil and gas pipelines to CPF , Ø 273o8mm Arysskoye o/f Mar-2008- Mar-2009
GrazhdanPromStroyYug LLP Heating line in South part of Shymkent city. Construction of heating line from TEC-3 to pump station #1 Ø1020o10mm, L=23km May-Dec 2007
KazakhTurkMunai LLP Construction of oil pipeline Tasym-Saztobe, Saztobe-3 o/f - Saztobe-5 o/f O6" L=28,8km Sept- 2005 Dec- 2006
KazGerMunai JV Pumping station Feb-Nov 2006

June 2017-december 2017, "Kolzhan" LLP, Kyzylorda oblast:.....»»»

May 2016-November 2017, UMG "Aktobe" branch of JSC "Intergas Central Asia", Aktobe oblast:.....»»»

August 2016-december 2016, State Institution "Department of Energy and Housing and Communal Services of Kyzylorda oblast":.....»»»

October 2015-march 2016, "KazTransOil" JSC, Shymkent city:.....»»»

OGCC KazStroyService JSC, Aktobe oblast, start in august 2014, currently in construction: .....»»»

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